Jim's friends know a bit about James Porter, but many know very little about the man behind the art.
Art was not his first love or his second, for that matter. He has degrees from Purdue University in Entomology and the University of Baltimore in Business. He had a thirty-year career as an Entomologist. That would be the study of insects, in case you are wondering--a bug man as it were. During that time he was also a farmer, photographer, and part-time opera singer. The one thing he was not, was an artist.
     Jim entered the wonderful world of art one day while watching his talented daughter draw. He made the comment, "I wonder if I could paint?" She responded, "You are not getting any younger Dad." So he went to art school and found that God had given him another gift but did not tell him until he was 56 years old. Jim believes we should develop God's gifts and share them with others.
     Jim attempts to create art that connects positively to the viewer in some way. He paints subjects he likes and enjoys. He is an award-winning artist and his works are in collections throughout the U.S. Perhaps you, the viewer, can find something in his paintings that stirs an emotion and brightens your day. If so, drop him an e-mail. He would love to know what you see in his work. It gives him much joy to paint and he is humbled when you decide to make it your own.